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Company Profile

Modern life drives from technology

Guangzhou Baohui Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd has been established since 1992. With 20 years of sustained and stable development, now the corporation includes “Zhanhui Animation Science & Technology Co., Ltd", "Guangzhou Baohui Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd", and "Guangzhou Baohui Electronic Science & Technology Subsidiary-Operating Department". 

Now the plant takes up 22,000 square meters, and the existing staffs are over 250 people. There are core R&D department, production department and QC department. At the same time, we have adopted advanced data controlling CNC equipment,laser cutting machine, and through introducing ERP system, we'd established ISO9001 quality system.


Baohui company has won the approval of the game industry by various excellent products and perfect business concept, also with our honesty and huge market resource, we got support and trust from partners worldwidely, like Taiwan IGS and FEILOLI, Korea ANDAMIRO and KOMUSE, America ICE and Disney and so on, these world famous game brand have become our main strategic partners.


We hope China amusement market and industry will grow stronger and bring the fun to the whole world. Hereby, Baohui thanks for your great supports and assistance in the past, and welcome your valuable advice now & in the future.

About us

Contact Us

Companyname:Guangzhou Baohui Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact:Mr. Hendry Yen




Address:No.8, Huangshan Rd., Dalong Industrial Park, Shiji Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China